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Irish Dexter Beef For Sale

Beef available for Fall of 2018

$500 Deposit for whole

$250 Deposit for half

All natural, grass fed beef.
USDA Inspected.
Whole or half beef available.

Beef for sale, $3.50/lb hanging weight
Customers pay all processing fees 

If you would like a steer to raise your own call for availability and pricing


  • Feb 22, 2016 - Had a beef customer write back:
    • "I still had a few pounds of beef from the grocery store left in the freezer, so I made some spaghetti with it. The next day I made stew from your Dexter beef. I decided to compare, and just smelling the store beef leftovers made me throw them out. I know they technically are fine, but they really smell bad after comparing them with your Dexter beef. It's hard to describe other then the smell of death. Store beef isn't palatable anymore. I am feeling rather spoiled by Dexter beef now. - Kandy C."